Sunday, June 02, 2013

Some numbers

Estimated GDP per capita (all figures approximate and expressed in current US dollars at Purchasing Power Parity):

Ethiopia (2012): $1,200

Addis Ababa (~2010): $1,100

India (2012): $3,900
Delhi (~2010): $11,000

US in 1800: $1,600

US in 1900: $6,600
US in 2012: $50,000

Caveats: GDP is not a perfect measure of economic prosperity. Among other shortcomings, as a mean (straight average) it doesn't try to capture the "typical person's" economic situation and can be skewed upwards by inequality that benefits relatively few people. Additionally, the Delhi GDP figure sounds quite over-stated to me, possibly due to not acknowledging the lesser value of the rupee in Delhi vs. the country as a whole. (For those of you wondering, the Ethiopian currency is the birr, by the way, and currently sits at about 18.5 to the dollar).

Sourcing: Addis GDP is drawn from city reports and personal conversion. Source for all other figures is Wikipedia. Historical US data also used help of to take 2000 dollars to 2012. 

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