Sunday, September 08, 2013

Quick Update (On the Lack of Updates)

Hi all,

I have been delinquent about posting new material in past weeks: I've settled into Addis so that I don't have too much new to say about it, and I also haven't gotten out of Addis in the past month. I was hoping to make it out this weekend--to Mekele, a regional capital in the northern desert highlands--but my reason to fly in for work on Friday got cancelled.

Updates for the coming month will continue to be infrequent, but for different reasons: I'll be leaving this Thursday night for a quick weekend in Delhi followed by two weeks in Nepal. The crew from (for APT people that would be Zev and Eliza) and I will be celebrating Indra Jatra in Kathmandu and trekking the Langtang Valley. I have not extensively prepared for this, so I really hope my 3 months living at 7,000 feet will have prepared me well.

(Sidenote: I'm really hoping to get myself jogging again before I leave here, so that I can come back to the US with a little bit of altitude-driven endurance. But to that I have to get over my mild distaste for being an object of amusement of locals when I'm jogging in the park near my house. You'd think in a country with a substantial running tradition, it wouldn't be that surprising to see someone out running, even a ferengi).

So check back in October -- hopefully I'll have some tranquil Himalayan photos to post if nothing else. And before I sign off for now, here's another update on work my team at the ATA has been doing. (The weird formatting in that link is not my fault).


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